Ford FE Engines and Cars  

Custom Engine Building and  Machining

4 27, 428, 390, & 352


Bucky checking out the goods.

He's great at kids Zombie Parties'

Jerico 4 Speed Revision 2 Type Top Loader

We built this from an old circle track gear box.

Aluminum case and tail, New main shaft and sliders.

3.08 first.

This trans works great in the Fairlane.

A Vintage Jerico.

We found this old guy in excellent condition with vintage Long V gate .

It is a very early Factory Built Jerico.

Great drag race gear set. 3.08 first.

It has a Hemi input shaft and Chev out, but all Jerico's have a Chev out. lol

Large well equipped  Milling Machine.

For making round pieces square.

Modern well equipped Lathe.

For making square pieces round.